Saturday, August 29, 2015

measuring tape pippalou
Do you want to be strong?  There are many reasons to get our bodies strong.  The main reason I hope to tone my muscles and increase my strength is so that I can  serve God.  Would that be something you have been thinking about too?  It takes energy and strength to serve others.
Desire must come first though.  Ask God to give you the desire to serve Him.  Then ask Him for strength to do the work He wants you to do.  Look around and you will see many ways to put your faith to work.  The Lord may be asking you to serve your family in a better way.  Is there something your husband has been asking you to do?  Could this be the time to put his request at the top of the list?
Being a quiet shy person makes it difficult for me to reach out to people.  But I must find a way to overcome this.  Smiling and speaking to someone at church that looks lonely is a place to start.  Is this your situation?  Let's make a move together to reach out in a small way.  Reach out past your fear and make a difference in someone's day.
If you have been putting off making a change in your lifestyle try making a small one today.  Keep doing this one small thing and then add something else to it.
May I pray for you?

Dear Lord,
You are so good.  You understand our fears and weaknesses.  I ask that you help each person reading this today.  Touch their hearts and minds.  Let them know what you want them to do today. 
Every person is different.  Every person is in a different place physically and spiritually.  Give them and give me the desire and strength to follow you and do the hard things to step out for you.
In Jesus name,

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

AmazonSmile - Gospel for Asia

Are you looking for an easy way to support foreign missions?  Check out AmazonSmile - Gospel for Asia.  You buy from amazon through this link and Amazon sends a percentage of your purchase price to Gospel For Asia.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Chickens and Turkeys Eating Bugs

Hello my friends,

It has been a little while since I have been here.  I hope you like my video of the chickens that we are raising.  Raising chickens has been a learning experience for us.  It has also been a blast.  Hopefully in a month or so we will have some fresh eggs.

We Also have two turkeys.  We hope to sell them before too much longer.  They should bring us a little bit of money to add to the piggy bank.

If you are thinking about raising chickens you can find a lot of information on youtube.  There are quite a few informative and easy to watch videos on this subject.

One of the roosters picked up a bug to eat.  He put it down really quick when it started buzzing.  I have never heard a bug make a noise like that before. 

Have a great day and enjoy it. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Free eBay Craigslist Money Making Tips by Troy Howerton The Redneck Picker

This is a good video about how to make money off of Craigslist.  You keep a check on what is listed on this site and then look up what it is going for on ebay.  Then if it is worth your time you go for it.  You can resell it on ebay or put an ad in the local shopper.